In the wee hours of July 4, 2016, Bendovah Plenti was crowned Miss Gay Evansville after sweeping all categories, including Interview, Solo Talent, Gown, Platform, Talent and On-stage Question.
From the desk of Miss Gay Evansville:
It feels so funny to say that!!!!! I am pleased, honored, and humbled to be the newly crowned Miss Gay Evansville.
Evansville is the city I grew up in as a kid. The city of Evansville was the first city, and Someplace Else Nightclub the first bar, that took me in as an out-of-town guest and made me feel at home as one of you. Since that time, winning Miss Gay Evansville, and getting to give back to the Evansville community that has been so good to me, has been a dream of mine.
I have so many people to thank for believing in me and helping me put my best on stage last night.
I’d like to thank the following sponsors:
Joseph Hren: registration, Interview
Cody Haupert: Solo Talent, lodging
Wigs by Oriana Perón: My amazing styled wigs for presentation, solo talent & talent
Kimi San DuMi: Custom DuMay couture for presentation & gown/platform. Jewelry for gown/platform & on-stage question
Anastasia Beaverhausen: My amazing dresser! THANK YOU!
Mocha T. Debeauté: Hair for gown and crowning, jewelry for gown/platform, and dressing
Silky N. Ganache: Jewelry for talent & crowning
Makeup sponsored by Kurt Jourdan of Esther’s Styles
I’d like to thank the Lady Jasmine Michaels for promoting this pageant, for having me at your nightclub Scandals Night Club, and for helping me through my last-minute lodging needs!
Thank you to the judges for your time and your thoughtful critiques: Teresa Holliday, Dragon, Sierra D’anelli, Eternity Dawn, and Skylar Blackwell.
Myesha Stratton: The Barbie! You represented Evansville so successfully this past year, killin’ ’em at state and participating in the AIDS Walk. I have admired you for so long and have enjoyed so much getting to know you better through this process. You are adorable and so kind. Thank you!
Heather Bea: Thank you for your generous advice and willingness to help anytime I need something. Your mentorship of us new girls is refreshing.
Thanks also, in no particular order, to the following individuals who so generously administered advice and bestowed some kindness leading up to this pageant: Cassidy Fellows-Sommers, Vicki St. James, India Black, Chelsea Nicole Parker, Drew Clark-Huckstep, and Aaron Reed.
Last, but not least, Coco Deville! You are EVERYTHING! You know and love your craft. You turned the party last night, and I can’t wait to go to state with you! #teamevansville
As for me, I am getting ready for state and am getting to work on fulfilling the promises of my platform. My work is not complete until I have helped one or more individuals living with HIV/AIDS in southern Indiana pursue higher education.
Love to you all —
Miss Gay Evansville 2016

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