I am grateful to have been interviewed recently by Tylen Baker of Tylen’s Coffee Shop. Please enjoy my interview below – also filed in PRESS:



I must first give credit where credit is due, and my title comes from the beautiful drag queen, and one of the most popular ones at that, RuPaul. Ru has been doing drag, and been in the spotlight since the early 90s.

Now I have not always been keen to liking drag queens. When I had first started going out into the gay community at their bars when I was the shy age of 17 (sorry mom!), using a fake ID from a friend of mine, I not only didn’t understand it but thought it was a very weird thing to do. Who would someone who is a man want to actively dress like a woman? This concept was so hard for me to accept for my very conservative upbringing. It took me many a times attending drag shows that got me to experience the art behind it. It is…

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