Thank you for supporting “Fresh Fridays: The Freshest Faces in Drag” at The Back Door, starring Matilda Rose, Oriana Perón, Ida Kay, Boy Gorge and me. Having had the opportunity to be a cast member at a nightlife establishment, while being so young in my career, gave me a profound sense of belonging and allowed me to hone my craft before I endeavored into the next stage of my career, pageantry.

On Monday, it was announced that, in the interest of the bar, they have chosen not to renew “Fresh Fridays: The Freshest Faces in Drag” for 2017.

Please enjoy my Fresh Fridays Spotify playlist:

You can also watch me bring these songs to life on my “Fresh Fridays” YouTube playlist:

You can still catch me at a show in your area by looking at “Upcoming Appearances” on my website,

Yours truly,
Bendovah Plenti
Miss Gay Evansville 2016

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