IMG_7631Since the outbreak of COVID-19 earlier this year, people are turning to online platforms to feel more connected.

🌟 Bendovah is now on Starsona! 🌟

Starsona is a website and an app where you can celebrate special occasions and everyday moments with a personalized video greeting from your favorite stars!  Select the type of shout-out and you will be guided through a few questions (e.g., what’s the occasion, who’s it for, etc.), then confirm the details and you’re done!  The star will record your video with the requested information within seven (7) days, and only then will your card be charged.  Once you receive your video you can keep it, download it, and share it forever!

Starsona is home to such stars as Da Brat, T-Boz (from TLC) ― even Tori Spelling (Beverly Hills, 90210)!  Drag queen stars include Mystique Summers and Pandora Boxx (both, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2), and Darienne Lake (Season 6)!

Stars have the right to decline any request they deem inappropriate.  Starsona’s complete Terms of Service can be found at

For more information, please visit

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